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February 19, 2023

About the cards you drew: Pentacles speak to your earthly, material possessions and pursuits. The King of Wands speaks to your drive and desire to achieve those pursuits. This reading is very focused on what you want to achieve, and how you might acquire it. It cannot tell you what your specific goals are, so think carefully on what it is that you want while considering this reading. 

What was not included: The cards you drew say very little about your thoughts and ideas in regard to your current and future goals. There was nothing in the reading about your emotions, feelings, or interpersonal relationships. This suggests your focus while drawing cards was on material things and earthly accomplishments. 

Your Cards

Abstract Lights



The 8 of Pentacles is a call to action, and potentially an omen of change. While this card is not a portent of a specific action or outcome, it impresses upon you the importance of hard work to accomplish your goals. It invites you to focus your energy on gaining new knowledge and skills, which will be valuable to you in the future. 



You are the master of your own destiny. If you are dedicated and diligent in the steps you take toward your best future, you will have the determination and understanding necessary to accomplish anything. While this path is not without challenges, you can overcome any obstacles by remaining resolute in your actions, and clear in your vision.



The 7 of Pentacles suggests there are great rewards for the work and willpower recommended to you by the 8 of Pentacles. You may enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Though the path to this outcome is not necessarily an easy one, the direction to this future is clear. Dedicate your energies to working hard in your labors, in your learning, and in your determination before the challenges ahead. The card does not point to the end of a journey, but indicates what you can accomplish while you continue to hold the values mentioned above in high regard.

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