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Game Overview

MiniMyths is a fantasy tabletop RPG in a pocket-sized tin, with simple and easy-to-learn rules. Anyone can play in just a few minutes, without purchasing expensive books or subscriptions. In this small tin, you will find everything to get you started on big adventures in MiniMyths!

What's Included?

Five Character Cards


Five Special Items


Six Map Cards


Dice & Pencil


Getting Started

MiniMyths is ideal for 3-7 players, though you can play with as few as 2, or even more than 7. One player acts as the Game Master (GM), and will guide the other players through the adventure. The Game Master Guide included in this tin will explain what you need to know to run the game. You may use the pre-written campaign included in this tin, or create your own adventure using the materials provided.


While the GM acts as all creatures, monsters, and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the game, the other players will play as a single character (PC) throughout the adventure. You can use one of the characters included in the tin, or create your own. A character creation guide is available at www.magickonmain/minimyths 

The GM will describe the world, setting, and your surroundings. They may offer guidance, or point you toward objectives for your character. Ultimately, it is up to you what your character will choose to do. Outside of combat scenarios, your PC may move and act freely, though the GM may ask you to roll for actions that are more challenging. The success of actions in the game is determined by the roll of a 6 sided die (d6). Situations in which multiple dice are rolled, use the highest number.



When presented with a challenge, the GM may ask for a dice roll. Roll the number of d6 equal to the relevant ability (BODY, STAMina, or MIND). Rolling a number equal to or exceeding the Difficulty Class (DC) specified by the GM results in a success. More difficult challenges will have a higher DC. 


Combat in MiniMyths is turn-based, and each combat encounter starts with an initiative roll from all participants. The initiative order starts with the highest roll, moving to the second highest, and so on. The initiative order remains the same until the end of combat.

When attacking, players roll the number of d6 equal to the stat specified by their weapon. Rolling a number equal to or exceeding the Armor Class (AC) of an enemy results in a successful hit. When a character or creature is hit, they take 1 Health Point (HP1) of damage, regardless of the weapon used. Creatures and characters that reach HP0 are eliminated from the game.


Once per day, PCs may rest. A rest will last until the next morning, regardless of when it started. Resting restores all PC HP to their maximum. It also resets the use of all abilities.


There are no specific restrictions on how far a PC can move in a single combat turn. The GM has discretion to determine how much movement is reasonable. However, movement during combat uses the single action available on a turn. A PC cannot move and act on the same turn, unless they have an ability that allows it.

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