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Game Master Guide

Our game tin includes everything you need to get started in miniMyths! This guide offers a brief supplement to help those who want to run their very own game. Keeping with the goal of our game to keep things simple, this guide will take only moments to read and understand.



Players should automatically succeed at an easy challenge. For challenges that require modest skill, players may succeed by describing appropriate actions taken by their character - or with DC2. Intermediate challenges typically have DC4. Difficult challenges have DC6.



Armor Class (AC) measures how difficult a character or creature is to damage. Characters and creatures without armor typically have AC3. Leather armor grants +1 to the base AC. Mail armor grants +2. Plate Armor grants +3. Creatures may have natural armor or attributes granting equivalent AC bonuses to these armor types.

When attacking, players roll the number of d6 equal to the stat specified by their weapon. Rolling a number equal to or exceeding the Armor Class (AC) of an enemy results in a successful hit. When a character or creature is hit, they take 1 Health Point (HP1) of damage, regardless of the weapon used. Creatures and characters that reach HP0 are eliminated from the game.

Health (HP)

Health Points are a measure of a creature’s ability to survive damage. Small or weak creatures may have only HP1. Player characters will typically have HP3. The largest and strongest creatures may have HP8 or more.



Initiative determines the order of actions in combat. Every participant, including players, creatures, and NPCs in a combat encounter rolls 1d6. Turns are taken in descending order, starting with the highest roll. In the event of a tie, characters with higher Stamina go first. Player characters will go before creatures and NPCs if there is a tie. During their initiative turn, a creature or character may move, attack, or take a single non-combat action.


If an action, outcome, or situation is uncertain in the game, roll a d6. A 3 or lower indicates a negative answer or outcome. A 4 or higher indicates a positive outcome. 

Equipment & Items

There is no standard currency in MiniMyths. Loot and extraneous items are intentionally sparse, to encourage a faster pace of play, and avoid tedious inventory management. If maintaining a vast and diverse collection of items is something you enjoy in your RPG, you may certainly add more items and detailed currency. 

Each character may only carry one armor, and two weapons at any time. If a PC wishes to equip a new armor, they must discard the old item. As few weapons have unique stats beyond melee or ranged properties, this should not be an issue in most cases. There are a few unique weapons and armor included with this game, which may create interesting choices if a PC is forced to choose what to keep.

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